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Owner Marketing Agency Adverge

Dec. 12, 2023

Marc has been a huge help to our marketing agency. Now, whenever I’m stuck with a repeat task or something complicated, I always turn to Marc. I just explain what needs to be done, and he’s great at finding ways to make it easier or automate it. Thanks to him, we’re saving at least 10 hours every week. So yeah, I’m a big fan!

Erwin Enter

Erwin Enter

SEO specialist

Jan. 142, 2023

Meeting deadlines has always been stressful. Marc his book has made it all so much more manageable.

Edwin Dijkstra

Edwin Dijkstra

SEA freelancer & author

Dec. 12, 2023

Marc always looks for quicker ways to do things, making him a great marketer. He automates tasks he doesn’t enjoy so he can focus on what really excites him.

I'm marc

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Since childhood, I've always sought faster, better methods, cultivating my efficiency. I manage an automation company and hold shares in an affiliate website and a marketing agency.

Additionally, I co-own a software company focused on automation. Despite the workload, automation makes it all manageable. Does this sound like a dream to you?

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